Who We Are

We are end-users - A group of CPA’s, business professionals and brilliant developers that have in-depth experience working with various BI tools in senior reporting/analytic positions for public companies, consulting firms, large government contractors and other businesses. We provide knowledge into your everyday operations through our groundbreaking software.

What We Do

We Innovate - We create BI tools that have instant ROI by streamlining everyday tasks, leading to increased productivity. No programming language, SQL Script, MDX or complex formulas. Just clicks of your mouse.

Why We Do It

To make your life easier - We’ve been delivering and training people on BI tools for years, and heard the same thing over and over, “This application is terrible”. We actually listened to what end-users were telling us, knowing they deserve better. We dedicated ourselves to simplifying their entire reporting environment and making reporting easy. We noticed that reporting and analysis applications were too expensive, too difficult to use, and required too much time to learn. Furthermore, they all seem to be designed by IT folks, for IT folks. We deliver software that is truly tailored to the end-user.